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update... - cdl_a_driver
Well... It has been a while since I updated, sorry.

A lot has changed on my end including the company I'm working for. I reconsidered just how much I wanted to haul glass and decided to search for another company. (don't chose who to work for based solely on how much they pay per unit of time (hour, mile, whatever))

I'm now with TransAm Trucking, it's a refrigerated carrier out of Kansas. I'm currently in the driving portion of my training and NOT with a dedicated driver, so I'll be going all over the country pretty much. That's something I'm really glad of, since my last trainer was tied to one shipper.

My new trainer or coach as they are called at TransAm seems to be very knowledgeable, and willing to let me make mistakes. Though in the same breath well able to teach. Last night i did my first dock bump and frankly i think i did well. The tailer was centered well enough for the bay's components (a dock plate and DOT bumper lock) to function, and unloading went off without a hitch.

Right now im sitting in a motel because my trainer needed to take off work for his 29th wedding anniversary. I know some guys would be "WHAT THE &^## ARE YOU DOING TRAIN ME!!!", Im not going to do that though. I know what it's like being away from your loved one(s). I miss Sharah terribly but I would never look poorly on my coach for this, I spent years away from Sharah... sometimes not seeing her for months at a time... The longest I can recall was in the neighborhood of 8 or 9 months with only phone calls, sometimes hours long. I hate to say it but I actually forgot what it felt like to hold her... I won't let that happen again.

I love you Sharah... I know you know I'm doing this for you.

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From: faeriedreamz Date: January 9th, 2008 06:40 am (UTC) (Link)
I want you to know that I understand that you are doing this for me, and our kids and our future. I am glad that you are the man you are, and I appreciate everything that you do for me. I love you so much!
cdl_a_driver From: cdl_a_driver Date: January 25th, 2008 03:13 pm (UTC) (Link)
I Love you Sharah, Thank you....
From: gone123 Date: January 13th, 2008 11:50 pm (UTC) (Link)
Son,if it was anyone else, they've of given up long ago, I'm proud of you, the way you keep moving ahead, no matter what.
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