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been a while - cdl_a_driver
been a while
Ok it's been a while since I was able to update here.

I passed backing, got a truck (with a condition), got a couple of loads and now im back in Olathe, KS for repairs.

Ok... When I left here I drove to Indianapolis, IN, and pulled over. My engine/transmission was making an odd vibration. Road assist had me take it to a freightliner dealership in Indianapolis... and there I sat from early Saturday morning till Tuesday. Turn out when I brought it in to the terminal for maintenance the guy that worked on it cross threaded the trany oil drain spout. I had no oil when I got to Indianapolis, and they had to replace the clutch and something in the forward gear box.

So now im back in Olathe AGAIN... for an air tank leak that was supposedly fix when i was here last time.

Current Location: Olathe, KS
Current Mood: stressed stressed

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From: gone123 Date: February 18th, 2008 04:40 am (UTC) (Link)

glad you're ok

well i hope the next truck you get is a better one, Son.
i'm glad you are back in Olathe ,KS. maybe there's a chance they will assign you another truck soon, and as i wrote a better truck.
it's 50* degrees and raining here, incredible this weather, back and forth.
we attended church today and we had a great time, it's nice to have live music again. we took Kim and her son Matt to church, she'd not seen the new one 'til today, her 1997 Plymouth Voyager Minivan, has been down awhile it'll be 2 years this August. Alice and I saw Tim's truck over at his garage on Orange street and stopped to talk to him about Kim's van's problem. she can get it looked at by Tim, free. All this time she thought it was the oil pump, Tim thinks it could be something else, like the sending unit or a clogged filter screen. i sure hope he can fix it as they are house bound and she depends on friends to drive her to the store, and church, and all. Oh I've been attending Bible study on Wednesdays, Darlene takes me and Kim when she can get a sitter for Matt.
We got our Blade Bluetooth headsets your Mom's works great with her LG cell.
mine's charger has problems and i'm returning it. my motorola C139 cell still has not been delivered to Walmart's site-to-store; i'm changing from the flip style to a bar style phone, and we're giving your grandma the V170, for emergency calls. so that's about it, so far.
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