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Sooner or later it will happen to everyone... I injured my shoulder on sunday morning while lowering a loaded trailer at a beer plant. The trailers have landing gear to hold them up when not coupled to a tractor, and the last guy to drop this trailer left it incredibly to high. i had to crank it down to where I could couple the tractor and trailer.

At first I thought I just over used my shoulder, but as the day went on my it became very dificult to steer with it and with in an hour i could barely use it or lift it. I was going to hold here a day or 2 and have Sharah help me take care of it, but when I told the weekend dispatch that I needed a day or 2 to recoup, they started filling out an accident report and I was scolded for not reporting it sooner.

They had me go to Highland Hospital, and told me workers comp would take care of everything. I start Physical Therapy monday afternoon.

That's all I got for now, Prayers would be appreciated.

Current Location: Rochester, NY

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I caught the flu on the 21stish, then Sharah got it... then Kari got it... I'm taking bets on wether Arpad or Justin is next.
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Ok it's been a while since I was able to update here.

I passed backing, got a truck (with a condition), got a couple of loads and now im back in Olathe, KS for repairs.

Ok... When I left here I drove to Indianapolis, IN, and pulled over. My engine/transmission was making an odd vibration. Road assist had me take it to a freightliner dealership in Indianapolis... and there I sat from early Saturday morning till Tuesday. Turn out when I brought it in to the terminal for maintenance the guy that worked on it cross threaded the trany oil drain spout. I had no oil when I got to Indianapolis, and they had to replace the clutch and something in the forward gear box.

So now im back in Olathe AGAIN... for an air tank leak that was supposedly fix when i was here last time.

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Current Mood: stressed stressed

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I arrived back in Olathe, KS on sunday evening. Today I started my testing phase. I took my road test and passed well enough, I won't say i aced it or flew through it... but I did pass well within margin for error. Now I need to finish my book testing and my backing manuvers.

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When I woke up this morning, this was the view out of my passenger window.
I just wish (looking at this...) that I had taken it with my Canon 20D... My bad, but there will be other chances :)
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Well Verizon sucks for data out here and AT&T seems to have the same voice coverage AND data in more places than VZ does.
I'm actually considering paying the disconect fee for VZ and selling the XV6800 (that DOESNT HAVE A GPS) and getting the AT&T Tilt (VX6800 = TyTn, Tilt = TyTn II)

We will see though....
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Hey all... In the last week I've been to Reading, PA - New Castle, DE - Cheyenne, WY - Aurora (Denver), CO Aurora, NE - Lansing, IL - and now am in Olathe, KS our home terminal. We are having some work done on the truck, and waiting to get our load going out near Denver again. I've been driving well, hitting all the time I need to (IE, if Im needed to drive 11 hours I can.) I thought getting out here I would see some scenery but other than a couple of sunsets its really just a lot od road and snow. And I can't see it changing much as the snow melts. The most interesting thing Ive seen yet was the St. Louis Archway (the gate way to the west). I didnt get close enough to really see it, but I was there and so was it. I think I might have seen the Sears Tower in Chicago, but I'm not sure.

Im just glad this is something I can do, and aparently well enough. I am having some trouble adjusting to the narrow body Kenworth tractor. I trained in wide body freightliners before this, and its hard (but getting easier) to keep the trailer where it needs to be.

Current Location: Olathe, KS
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Well... It has been a while since I updated, sorry.

A lot has changed on my end including the company I'm working for. I reconsidered just how much I wanted to haul glass and decided to search for another company. (don't chose who to work for based solely on how much they pay per unit of time (hour, mile, whatever))

I'm now with TransAm Trucking, it's a refrigerated carrier out of Kansas. I'm currently in the driving portion of my training and NOT with a dedicated driver, so I'll be going all over the country pretty much. That's something I'm really glad of, since my last trainer was tied to one shipper.

My new trainer or coach as they are called at TransAm seems to be very knowledgeable, and willing to let me make mistakes. Though in the same breath well able to teach. Last night i did my first dock bump and frankly i think i did well. The tailer was centered well enough for the bay's components (a dock plate and DOT bumper lock) to function, and unloading went off without a hitch.

Right now im sitting in a motel because my trainer needed to take off work for his 29th wedding anniversary. I know some guys would be "WHAT THE &^## ARE YOU DOING TRAIN ME!!!", Im not going to do that though. I know what it's like being away from your loved one(s). I miss Sharah terribly but I would never look poorly on my coach for this, I spent years away from Sharah... sometimes not seeing her for months at a time... The longest I can recall was in the neighborhood of 8 or 9 months with only phone calls, sometimes hours long. I hate to say it but I actually forgot what it felt like to hold her... I won't let that happen again.

I love you Sharah... I know you know I'm doing this for you.

Current Location: Adairsville, GA
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Well I'm here and in one piece. The ride sucked as usual but I am here, and thats what matters. The bus took 23:30 hours, the longest yet.
Right now Sharah is baking pies :) Apple crisp and pumpkin cheese cake YUM!! I made the stuffing (homemade of course) and I cut up the apples for the crisp. We are planing on watching a movie while stuff heats.
Tomorrow we are having Stuffed pork loin roast (turkey is for chumps), Stuffing, Sweet potatoes, Mashed potatoes, Green bean casserole, Butternut Squash, Harvest salad, Cranberry sauce (jelly).
For dessert we have Blueberry pie, Pumpkin pie, Apple crisp, and LOTS of Pumpkin Cheese cake.

Apparently there are a lot of people coming tomorrow, all our friends are coming and Sharah/Kari's parents are coming to :)

Current Location: Rochester, NY 14620
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Well I tried renting a car for the week to go home for thanks giving but everybody here needs a credit card to rent a car. So I make a payment on my providian card, $250..... BUT then Providian tells me that the payment won't go through till tuesday, and its too late to cancel it... I am so royally pissed. So, I'll be on a bus that my knees don't fit in...

Current Location: Dubuque, IA
Current Mood: annoyed annoyed

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