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TransAM Week 3 (2 really but who's couting) - cdl_a_driver
TransAM Week 3 (2 really but who's couting)
Hey all... In the last week I've been to Reading, PA - New Castle, DE - Cheyenne, WY - Aurora (Denver), CO Aurora, NE - Lansing, IL - and now am in Olathe, KS our home terminal. We are having some work done on the truck, and waiting to get our load going out near Denver again. I've been driving well, hitting all the time I need to (IE, if Im needed to drive 11 hours I can.) I thought getting out here I would see some scenery but other than a couple of sunsets its really just a lot od road and snow. And I can't see it changing much as the snow melts. The most interesting thing Ive seen yet was the St. Louis Archway (the gate way to the west). I didnt get close enough to really see it, but I was there and so was it. I think I might have seen the Sears Tower in Chicago, but I'm not sure.

Im just glad this is something I can do, and aparently well enough. I am having some trouble adjusting to the narrow body Kenworth tractor. I trained in wide body freightliners before this, and its hard (but getting easier) to keep the trailer where it needs to be.

Current Location: Olathe, KS
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