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Cell phones..... - cdl_a_driver
Cell phones.....
Well Verizon sucks for data out here and AT&T seems to have the same voice coverage AND data in more places than VZ does.
I'm actually considering paying the disconect fee for VZ and selling the XV6800 (that DOESNT HAVE A GPS) and getting the AT&T Tilt (VX6800 = TyTn, Tilt = TyTn II)

We will see though....
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From: gone123 Date: January 27th, 2008 06:11 pm (UTC) (Link)

Hi Son

glad to hear your company has you busy, that down time isn't that good, sometimes.
sorry to hear, Version is so sucky. but, you need a good phone, GPS would be a plus,too.AT& T does better maybe you should, switch. only a suggestion. do what you feel is best.

so you haul mostly in the west. that's interesting, to see all the sites out there.
and btw, your Mom gave me the "old" Motorola V170 ,Tracfone. *440-265-8368*
I've sent text messages, never tried that before. it's cool. :)
. a Kensworth tractor is narrow? gee who'd thunk it.
we wish you all the best :)
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