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It was bound to happen... - cdl_a_driver
It was bound to happen...
Sooner or later it will happen to everyone... I injured my shoulder on sunday morning while lowering a loaded trailer at a beer plant. The trailers have landing gear to hold them up when not coupled to a tractor, and the last guy to drop this trailer left it incredibly to high. i had to crank it down to where I could couple the tractor and trailer.

At first I thought I just over used my shoulder, but as the day went on my it became very dificult to steer with it and with in an hour i could barely use it or lift it. I was going to hold here a day or 2 and have Sharah help me take care of it, but when I told the weekend dispatch that I needed a day or 2 to recoup, they started filling out an accident report and I was scolded for not reporting it sooner.

They had me go to Highland Hospital, and told me workers comp would take care of everything. I start Physical Therapy monday afternoon.

That's all I got for now, Prayers would be appreciated.

Current Location: Rochester, NY

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