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Still nothing broken :) Todays delivery was set for 1700 (5pm) and we got there last night :( Lukily we got unloaded at noon, otherwise we would have been back here even later.

Time to sleep now.

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OK, I've pulled 2 loads of glass entirely on my own with a 3rd ready to go Sunday night.

I need work on backing, but I knew that all along. I've been doing all the coupling and uncoupling since Wednesday night i think. I've been backing into docks/bays and such.

I have yet to damage anything, but they say you can't haul glass without breaking some of it. But even if you do everything right, you can still have breakage.

Cities I've been to since the last post:
De Witt, IA to Minneapolis, MN
Bloomington, ?? to De Witt, IA
De Witt, IA to Chicago, IL and back
De Witt, IA to Owatonna, MN and back
De Witt, IA to Chicogo, IL

My homework this week end is to map a path from Dubuque, IA to Hopkins, MN.
The companies planned route is 313 miles, and my route in 313.6 so i think I'm really good since the company allows 10% over what they plan/pay for.

As I mentioned earlier I need work on my backing, so I really hope I get more practice with that this week.

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I plan on getting a cell phone I can tether to my laptop and have internet on the road. But I don't know who to go with right now. I've looked at Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T/Cingular... The only one that seems to have data everywhere they have voice is AT&T :( ohwell...
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This hotel is awesome!! There is some convention or something going on here so every room was booked. I am currently in the presidential suite here. I have a couch, an easy chair, a king size bed, 2 TVs, and two separate rooms :) I doubt I'll be so lucky when I'm back here next week, but for now I'm in the lap of luxury.

Today Kevin is going to pick me up at the hotel and take me grocery shopping for the road.

He wants to try to teach me to eat right on the road and I'm totally willing for that. Eating right OTR (over the road) is better for me and my wallet.

Current Location: Dubuque, IA

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I' made it to Dubuque in one piece, and I met my trainer Kevin. He seems like a nice guy and we are getting along pretty well. His family is pretty cool to, they took me out to lunch after I got here.

I got to bobtail (drive the tractor without a trailer) for a while today, Kevin wanted to see where I was mainly with shifting. It was nice, I haven't been in a truck really since I left PDI.

Current Location: Dubuque, IA

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I've really enjoyed this week home. I got a call Wednesday and I'm going to Dubuque, Iowa to meet up with my road trainer.

I'll be on one bus or another from Friday 4:55p till Saturday 11:10a :( i hate buses.

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Well that was easy :)

I passed my Metal Coils on the first try :)

Current Location: Rochester, NY 14620

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Ok... When they say "You'll be hauling glass..." they mean it.

Imagine a sheet of glass varying in sizes up to 240" x 130" and as thick as 1".

We carry them in packs called Stoses (Stose singular, its germen). Each weighing in at around 8000 Lbs. (4 tons), and we typically carry 5 of these.

I heading home now to get my NY State required Metal Coils endorsement, since I'll also be hauling rolls of steel and other metals from time to time.

Current Location: Laurinburg, NC

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I've gotten to Laurinburg finaly... The bus ride here was 20 hours...

Class starts Sunday... Sleep now...

Current Location: Laurinburg, NC

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Well, I have been hired! :)

Maverick Specialized

I'll be heading to Laurinburg North Carolina, for training in handling glass. Thats what I'll be hauling mostly Glass!

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